Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snowmaking Upgrades at Stowe

This year Stowe Mountain Resort continues to invest in its state-of-the-art snowmaking operations with an additional 4.7 million dollars in new equipment and upgrades that include - 325 HKD tower guns, 150 energy efficient land guns, 16 Super Pole Cat fan guns and seven miles of new snowmaking pipe. In addition to supplementing its already superlative snowmaking, this year’s improvements will allow Stowe to operate with greater energy efficiency and eliminate 100,000 gallons of diesel storage, use and emissions. From a skier’s and rider's standpoint, the new snowmaking increases potential for more early season terrain, increases overall snow quality and allows our mountain operations crew to resurface the mountain quicker.

We tested the system on October 13 at the base area with mild temps around 32 degrees - and it was a complete success.

Check out the video:

We plan to open on November 17!

Remember to buy your Season Pass before October 31 to save big!

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